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Paradise lost?

 Auteur: J.H.M. Peeters, D.C.M. Raemaekers, I.I.J.A.L.M. Devriendt, P.W. Hoebe, M.J.L.Th. Niekus, G.R. Nobles & M. Schepers  Categorie: Mesolithicum, Neolithicum, Paleolithicum  Uitgever: Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands  Datum: 2022  ISBN: 9789057992926  Blz: 261  Land: Nederland  Taal: Engels  Formaat: PDF  Bestandsgrootte: 12,4 Mb  Tags: erfgoed in situFlintMaastricht-Cannerbergpottery |  Gratis Downloaden

Paradise lost?

Insights into the early prehistory of the Netherlands from development-led archaeology (Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten 62), Amersfoort
This book presents the results of a synthetic analysis of archaeological reports dealing with aspects of the early prehistory of the Netherlands. The reports were produced in the context of development-led commercial archaeology over the past 10 to 15 years. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed; RCE) commissioned a project, undertaken by the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA), which aims at a synthetic analysis of (mostly) excavation results concerning early prehistory (here defned as the Palaeolithic to the Middle Neolithic). The project is part of the RCE’s Valleta harvest (Oogst voor Malta) project, which resides under the ‘archaeological knowledge kit’ programme (Kenniskaart Archeologie). The aim of the programme is to develop tools or utilities to support heritage management decision making from a national perspective.


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